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Mulatu Astatke's Ethio-Jazz = ሙላቱ አስታጥቄ* ጋር ከፋቃደ አሞደ መስቀል - የካተት

Sometime around 1994 a friend handed me Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80 - Underground System. I had no idea who Fela was at the time and knew pretty much nothing of what I was about to dive into. It sounds ridiculous, but as a half Mexican kid who had been steeped in Latin and Afro-Cuban music for much of my life, I hadn't given much thought to music from Africa beyond field recordings of tribal music or stuff I had seen in documentaries. I hadn't made the connection, that all the music being played in every bodega on every corner in my Brooklyn neighbourhood was a direct result of African DNA. I would say it's a punishable offence, however I have way beyond made up for my musical transgressions prior to writing this, so I will pardon myself if you don't mind.

As with most of my musical journeys, it all began with one record. That one Fela & Egypt 80 record led me down a massive river with infinite tributaries regarding African music and who and what that entai…

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